(Beshi Kushokotola Bwiki mu Rufunsa)

Spread throughout southern Africa, the Southern Miombo Woodland ecoregion is distributed in several portions across the Central African Plateau. It covers central Zimbabwe and extends into Mozambique, southern Zambia and Malawi.

The landscape is flat or gently undulating, with numerous rounded hills which frequently rise up above the woodland. Miombo woodland mixes with mopane and smaller wetlands to provide habitat for a wide variety of animals, including endangered and charismatic mammals such as African elephants (Loxodonta africana) and black rhinos (Diceros bicornis).

This ecoregion is disjunct in distribution and consists of four main parts, separated at least partially by the drainage systems of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The largest section covers most of Zimbabwe, and spills over into Mozambique on the eastern side of the Chimanimani Mountain Range.

Zambezian Mopane Woodland surrounds most of this area and separates this block from the second largest section of the Southern Miombo Woodland ecoregion. North of the Zambezi Valley, this portion extends over the southern third of Zambia, as well as into the western parts of Malawi and northern Tete province in Mozambique. The part of this land that is near the Rufunsa area in Lusaka Province of Zambia is home to the bees that produce the honey the taste of which we celebrate.

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Thank you for your interest in our honey. Rufunsa Honey is sold to registered members of honey lovers, the “Friends of Rufunsa Honey”. The honey is packaged in 1 litre containers and also in 20 litre containers.

Because honey harvests are seasonal, the registered members will be notified through this website and also through the WhatsApp group “Friends of Rufunsa Honey” when the honey is ready for purchase. At that time orders can be placed via this website or via the mobile app “Friends of Rufunsa Honey”, indicating the quantities required. The honey can be collected upon full settlement of the cost via the payment method to be outlined on this website and also on the mobile app.

Registration as a “Friend of Rufunsa Honey” can be done via this website or via the mobile app “Friends of Rufunsa Honey”, which is available on Google Play

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